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      Where are the products manufactured?
      We make all our products in-house in our facility in Germany.

      What material is used for the wall stickers?
      All our stickers are printed onto a polyester fabric material which is self-adhesive. This material belongs to the same family as the well-known PET bottles and is therefore 100% recyclable and safe for the environment.

      On which kind of wall can it be installed?
      It will work best on smooth walls however it will work as well on slightly textured surfaces like woodchip wallpaper. It works on plastered walls which are painted as well as on wallpaper.

      How much do I need from the pattern sticker?
      One pack will cover around 2m² of wall space. So if your wall is 3m wide and 2m high then you would need around 3 packs.

      Can the stickers be applied to furniture?
      Yes, the stickers can be applied to any smooth surface.

      How to install the wall stickers?
      Ensure the wall is free from dust and dirt. Best to wipe the wall with a damp cloth then wait for 24h to ensure it is 100% dry. After that, it is a straight peel and stick until you have your desired design.

      Does the sticker need to be installed on white walls?
      No, you can install them on any colour as the material will not show the wall colour thru the wall sticker.

      Does the wall sticker have a white border?
      No, our wall stickers are cut with the highest precision so that no border around the design is visible.

      Can the sticker be repositioned?
      Yes, the self-adhesive glue allows to take the stickers off the wall and reapply them in a new position.

      Will the stickers leave marks on the wall?
      The stickers can be removed without leaving any residue on the wall. If you have the sticker on the wall for many years you might see a slight colour difference on the wall but this is due to the ageing of the paint due to sunlight. This would be the same if you hang a picture.

      How to best take the sticker off the wall?
      Use your hairdryer on the lowest setting and slightly warm the stickers up that will ensure that they come off as easy as possible.

  • How to install the wall stickers