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Create a beautiful space for your child with our carefully designed range of wall stickers that nurture fantasy and imagination!

Do you want to transform your child's room into a colourful and magical play world? Do you want your child to feel comfortable and cosy and to stimulate their imagination? With our wall stickers for children’s rooms you can do all these things: Explore our range of carefully designed wall stickers for your child’s room or play corner and create a beautiful space in just minutes! Our wall stickers are designed to transform any room into a very special place for you to spend time with your child. From their earliest days, our stickers will nurture your children’s imagination and because they are accurate in detail and colour, they will encourage an interest in our wonderful world. Our premium wall stickers for children’s rooms are made from carefully elected, high-quality materials that are particularly durable and adhere well - even to structured surfaces. Our stickers are also 100% free of PVC and thus, they are completely non-toxic and perfect nursery wall stickers for even the youngest babies. As your baby grows into an inquisitive toddler, you can easily remove the stickers and choose a new set from our collection of wall stickers that you know will appeal to your child.

Wall stickers: Super easy to install on your wall

To design your child's room is so easy with our collection of wall stickers for children’s room and no special tools are required. Simply peel the wall stickers carefully from their backing paper and stick them in the desired position on the wall. If your child wants a new design later, you can easily remove our wall stickers without leaving any marks on the wall and replace them with new designs. All wall stickers can be arranged and re-arranged individually - as often as you like. Combinations are possible in a variety of ways. Using the numerous different motifs you create a wonderful fantasy world in no time, ready for your children’s imagination to develop and thrive.

Our wall stickers for children’s rooms are absolutely safe to use

To ensure our wall stickers can be safely used in your child's room, we use a premium-quality self-adhesive fabric material that is PVC-free and non-toxic. We also do not use harmful solvents, so the wall stickers will not have any negative impact on indoor walls or décor and, most importantly, your child. To guarantee the highest quality of our products, we design and produce all our wall stickers ourselves in our studio, here in Germany. Our products are hand-packed with love so that they reach you in perfect condition and you and your child can enjoy them for years to come.