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Butterflies wall stickers

Pretty butterfly wall stickers make every day a spring day

Everyone loves seeing butterflies in the garden and they are the ideal design for pretty wall stickers for the nursery with the added bonus that according to Feng Shui, a butterfly in the home is always a good omen and in Chinese and Japanese cultures the butterfly represents joy and happiness which makes it ideal for your child’s room.

Butterfly wall stickers are so easy to use

There are several different designs of butterfly wall stickers to choose from in the Mica-Mica wall sticker range. The stickers are small in size and perfect for decorating a specific area on the wall or several packs of butterflies can be used to create a pattern on the wall which looks very similar to a wallpaper design.

Linking butterflies with springtime

Butterflies are often a sign that spring has arrived and the design entitled Spring Butterflies will soon make you smile and think of sunny days all year through. Equally pretty is our Butterflies and Spring Flowers set which is an assortment of delicate green butterflies in various sizes and some pretty pink tulip-like flowers.  

Get creative with beautifully coloured butterflies

If you have heard of the descriptive term ‘a cloud of butterflies’ you may want to create this pretty phenomena in your nursery. The Colourful Butterflies set is perfect as it features the prettiest blue, pink, peach and purple butterflies. Alternatively, if you have just welcomed a baby girl, you may choose to decorate her nursery with graceful pink butterflies.

There is something romantic about hot air balloons and the set that combines floral hot air balloons and butterflies looks very special on a wall. On closer inspection, you will see that the floral balloons are actually pretty pale blue hydrangea flowers with a basket underneath. There are plenty of butterflies too as they love to feed on the sweet nectar of hydrangea flowers.

The stickers are so versatile to use

The butterfly stickers are easy to use and very versatile as they can be used to decorate around a wall mirror, the wall by the changing mat, or above the cot. The stickers are simply peeled from their backing paper and stuck in position on the wall and they can be removed and replaced as many times as you like.

Add a butterfly inspired print to the nursery

Because butterflies are so popular, they feature on many of our prints in line drawings depicting butterflies with young deer, foxes, rabbits and squirrels and any of them will add a beautiful final touch to your pretty butterfly nursery. They say that seeing a butterfly brings good luck, so you and your child can enjoy good luck all year through.

Quick installation

Super easy to install

Our wall stickers and wallpaper are so easy to apply. Simply PEEL & STICK. No tools or wallpaper paste are required. And the best of all, there is no mess to clean up afterwards!

for kids rooms

Safe for children

We bring you the kindest removable wall stickers and wallpaper on the market! Made from 100% PVC-free, CE-certified fabric material, free from any toxic substances.

safe for the planet

Fair to our planet

Mica-Mica strives to minimise its environmental footprint.
We print environmentally friendly using eco-solvent non-toxic ink and 100% recycling-able, FSC certified material.

simple to install

Removable & Reusable

Our products can be removed and reused multiple times without any damage to the surface. Perfect for renters or when you like redecorating when your little ones grow out of it!

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