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Mini-Explorers wall stickers

Watercolour world map wall stickers

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  • Solar system - L
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  • Extra stars - L
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The ideal gift for a young explorer is the world map

Every child wants to be an explorer and the beauty of adding exciting wall stickers to their room is that they nurture your child’s imagination. Now it is true that you will be asked endless questions on all types of topics but this is so much fun as your answers will fuel your child’s imagination and broaden their knowledge.

If you have a mini explorer in your family, the starting point has to be the Mica- Mica beautiful watercolour world map wall sticker. This handsome map is also available as a fine art print. The map portrays the animals found on the different continents of the world and the marine creatures found in the different oceans. Our world map wall sticker is the perfect way to kindle your child’s curiosity in our beautiful world.

Does your child want to travel into space?

Perhaps your child dreams of going on a space adventure – then Mica-Mica is the right place for you. We have space wall stickers that will appeal to your young adventurer. Our ‘Space Adventure – planets and rocket wall stickers’ which includes a very smart space rocket for you both to travel in.  The wall stickers also include satellites and the planets of our solar system and your child will love the beautiful way each is colourfully portrayed.  Another wonderful sticker set is entitled Space Adventure – Solar system with planets’ and features the magnificent planets of our solar system, which are breathtakingly beautiful and your child will delight in studying them.

To complement our Space Adventure wall stickers, there are three fine art prints – one featuring the planets of our solar system, with a brief description of each planet. The second print is of the planets with the letters of the alphabet and the third is of the planets with numbers 1-20.

Explore our mini-explorers collection now and don’t forget to keep an eye open for new additions!

Quick installation

Super easy to install

Our wall stickers and wallpaper are so easy to apply. Simply PEEL & STICK. No tools or wallpaper paste are required. And the best of all, there is no mess to clean up afterwards!

for kids rooms

Safe for children

We bring you the kindest removable wall stickers and wallpaper on the market! Made from 100% PVC-free, CE-certified fabric material, free from any toxic substances.

safe for the planet

Fair to our planet

Mica-Mica strives to minimise its environmental footprint.
We print environmentally friendly using eco-solvent non-toxic ink and 100% recycling-able, FSC certified material.

simple to install

Removable & Reusable

Our products can be removed and reused multiple times without any damage to the surface. Perfect for renters or when you like redecorating when your little ones grow out of it!

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