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Under the sea wall stickers

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Mermaid wall stickers (Boho)

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Mermaid wall stickers (Pastel)

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Under the sea wall stickers - Whales

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Introduce your child to the fascinating world under the sea

Many children find the underwater world fascinating and will definitely like our ’under the sea wall stickers collection. They are all easy to apply to the walls to create a beautiful under-the-sea nursery and many sets complement each other if you want to use different designs.

Many of our under-the-sea wall sticker sets are in a smaller size that we call ‘pattern’. You can use them to create a gorgeous underwater scene or to cover a wall completely to look like wallpaper. If you decide to do this, we recommend three A4 pages for covering two square meters of the wall surface.

Explore the world of the marine turtle

Our under-the-sea wall sticker set of turtles beautifully portrays this beautiful marine creature as he swims silently close to the sea bed. Each illustration in this beautiful under-the-sea wall sticker set is highly detailed and your child will be delighted to learn all the different parts of a turtle including its flippers and carapace (shell). You can use the sticker set to create a beautiful underwater scene as there are stickers depicting marine snails, sea plants and bubbles too. Your child could well become fascinated by marine turtles and you will be searching for appropriate bedtime stories! Our marine turtle sticker set is available in both lilac and mint.

Admire beautiful seahorses

Seahorses are marine creatures that capture everyone’s imagination as they glide effortlessly through the water. They can be spotted amongst seagrasses and in coral reefs and love shallow temperate waters.  Your child will love the seahorse scene you have created in their room using our beautiful seahorse sticker set and will take great delight counting each seahorse – and it is said that to spot a seahorse will bring you good luck! 

Swim in Arctic waters to discover narwhals

The Narwhal (also known as Narwhale) is a beautiful medium-sized member of the whale family and the male is easily recognised by his spiral tusk. Your child will love to pretend to swim in the icy waters around Greenland, Canada and Russia with the Narwhals and to spot different sea grasses and bubbles in the water as they swim. Our whale wall stickers include all you need to create a lovely marine scene that your child will get pleasure from discussing. 

The big advantage of using our under-the-sea wall stickers is that you can remove and reuse them many times and can add to them by buying a different set to create a lovely new scene that will nurture your child’s imagination.

Explore our full under-the-sea wall sticker collection and create a nursery that your little one will love.


Our wall stickers are made of a premium fabric material, NOT vinyl. They are 100% PVC-free and safe to use in kids rooms.


Our high-quality textured fabric gives our wall stickers a natural look so that they look like hand-painted on your wall!


Simply PEEL & STICK! Job done. Our stickers can be removed & re-used many times without damaging the walls!


We design and produce our fabric wall stickers for you with love and care in our studio in Germany.

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Michael and Christina - the husband and wife team behind Mica-Mica and the proud parents of Livia and Lea. We are a young family start-up with one goal in mind - to inspire children's imagination by creating beautiful and colourful children's rooms with our lovingly designed fabric wall stickers.

We design and produce our wall stickers with love and care in our own studio in the middle of the German Taunus mountains. We attach great importance to the use of materials that are both safe and harmless to your child and also protect the environment.

Our heart beats for Mica-Mica. We hope we can conquer yours too!