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Dinosaur wall stickers

Dinosaur volcano island wall stickers

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Large dinosaurs wall stickers

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Dinosaur world wall stickers

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Dinosaur mountain range wall stickers

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Make your child’s room magic by adding dinosaur fun

Everyone loves dinosaurs or so it seems! If you have a dinosaur fan, explore our range of  Dinosaur wall stickers for dino room ideas to create a dinosaur nursery that will transport you and your child back into the Mesozoic era from  252 million to 66 million years ago when dinosaurs ruled the earth!

Large dinosaur wall stickers with a wow factor!

Your child will love the detailed large wall stickers which are perfect for studying the features of the different types of dinosaurs including the Ultrasaurus, Nyrasaurus and e-Raptor – while they spot a Pterodactyl in flight among the clouds! You will be able to spend time together talking about each dinosaur wall sticker and learning about the different dinosaurs or settle down to read a fun dinosaur book together! 

Our small dinosaur wall stickers range is ideal for covering a small feature area or to create a pattern-like wallpaper look for your dinosaur nursery.

So many dinosaurs to recognise

Our Dinosaurs in earthy colours is a set of small (pattern) wall stickers that are perfect for creating a fun cosy corner in your child’s room or a decorated strip by their cot where the dinosaurs can be seen walking along the wall. Your child will be able to spot the huge Tyrannosaurus Rex and Brachiosaurus, the distinctive three-horned Triceratops, as well as Stegosaurus and other dinos. If you would like to use these wall stickers to make a wall pattern, there are 19 stickers on each sheet and we recommend that one 50 x 30cm sheet is used per two square meters of the wall surface.

Have you heard about dinosaurs on a volcanic island?

Why not create a fun story scene for your child using our Dinosaur Volcanic Island sticker set? There are cute-looking dino stickers plus smoky volcanoes and clouds which your child will love – but you better have a good story in your mind ready to share at bedtime!

Dinos used to be found in mountain ranges too!

Dino Mountain Range is another fun sticker design that will have you and your child imagining all sorts of dino adventures! This design comes with friendly-looking dinos plus mountains and trees to set the scene. If you prefer to use either this set or Dinosaur Volcanic Island as a wall pattern, just buy more sets. The big advantage is that the wall stickers are just as speedy to remove as they are to apply and can be used time and time again in different combinations that your child will love!   

There are many different sets of dinosaur wall stickers to choose from. Explore them now and create a dinosaur nursery that your little one will love.

Quick installation

Super easy to install

Our wall stickers and wallpaper are so easy to apply. Simply PEEL & STICK. No tools or wallpaper paste are required. And the best of all, there is no mess to clean up afterwards!

for kids rooms

Safe for children

We bring you the kindest removable wall stickers and wallpaper on the market! Made from 100% PVC-free, CE-certified fabric material, free from any toxic substances.

safe for the planet

Fair to our planet

Mica-Mica strives to minimise its environmental footprint.
We print environmentally friendly using eco-solvent non-toxic ink and 100% recycling-able, FSC certified material.

simple to install

Removable & Reusable

Our products can be removed and reused multiple times without any damage to the surface. Perfect for renters or when you like redecorating when your little ones grow out of it!

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