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Forest animals wall stickers

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Woodland wall stickers - Tea time bunnies

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Decorate the nursery walls with forest animal wall stickers

Forest animals make an enchanting theme for your nursery which your little one will thoroughly enjoy. Using our sets of woodland wall stickers, you can quickly transform the bare walls in your child’s nursery or bedroom to create a very welcoming character. Each set is very versatile and you can create all different scenes because as well as the animals,  our wall stickers sets also include stickers of flowers, birds and leaves to capture the atmosphere of the forest.

Two sizes of forest animal wall stickers to choose from

In the Mica-Mica collection, there are two sizes of wall stickers small (referred to as pattern wall stickers) and large. Each type is quick and easy to apply by removing it from its protective backing and placing it in position on the wall. If you are not happy with the results, a great advantage is that you can simply peel the sticker off the wall and reposition as many times as you like.

Large forest animal wall stickers

Our beautiful Hand Drawn Forest Friends sticker set includes a bear, racoon, two rabbits a squirrel and a fox that are guaranteed to enchant your child. The set also includes some pretty woodland flowers and leaves.

An equally appealing sticker set, that will make it hard for you to choose, is our Watercolour Forest Friends set. It includes a deer and her fawn, a rabbit, a squirrel and an assortment of birds plus an old tree stump, flowers and grasses.

If your child is particularly enthralled by deer, our ‘Oh Deer’ deer wall stickers are a perfect choice as they feature adult deer and their fawns plus woodland grasses and toadstools to help you create a delightful scene.

Small forest animal Wall stickers

Our sets of smaller pattern wall stickers are so named because they can be used as motifs or stuck on the wall at regular intervals to resemble wallpaper. Our popular Little Forest Animals set includes a  deer, fox, squirrel, racoon, bear, rabbit worm and hedgehog but also includes some lovely forest trees and acorns. A variation on the theme is our Cute Foxes set which features foxes with glorious brushes as well as flowers and trees. Our Cute Rabbit and Trees set is appealing too!

Three of the most favourite woodland animals are bears, rabbits and deer and they feature in several nursery stories. We have a set of pattern wall stickers for each animal and of course if you want to buy two sets and mix and match that is fun too!

As well as being a quick and easy way to decorate your child’s nursery or bedroom, a set of woodland wall stickers makes a very original gift for a young relative or friend.

Have fun exploring our full forest animals wall stickers collection.

Quick installation

Super easy to install

Our wall stickers and wallpaper are so easy to apply. Simply PEEL & STICK. No tools or wallpaper paste are required. And the best of all, there is no mess to clean up afterwards!

for kids rooms

Safe for children

We bring you the kindest removable wall stickers and wallpaper on the market! Made from 100% PVC-free, CE-certified fabric material, free from any toxic substances.

safe for the planet

Fair to our planet

Mica-Mica strives to minimise its environmental footprint.
We print environmentally friendly using eco-solvent non-toxic ink and 100% recycling-able, FSC certified material.

simple to install

Removable & Reusable

Our products can be removed and reused multiple times without any damage to the surface. Perfect for renters or when you like redecorating when your little ones grow out of it!

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