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How to use our wall stickers

How to use our wall stickers
The great news is that you can transform your nursery in five easy steps to create a creative and magical space for you and your child to dream in...


  1. Choose your wall


Sounds a fuss, but this first stage is important. Do not be tempted to apply the stickers to a freshly painted wall or to a textured wall as you will not get great results with either.


Ideally, you need a nice smooth wall so that the adhesive on the back of the sticker will adhere to the surface well.


  1. Prepare your wall


Having chosen your wall, wipe the wall with a damp cloth to ensure that it is dust free, otherwise the stickers will not adhere to the wall well. Dry the wall thoroughly using a clean, dry cloth.



  1. Decide on your design


Arrange the stickers in the layout that you like best on the floor (use an area similar to the size of the wall) to give you an idea what the finished design will look like. 


  1. Apply your design


Working from left to right in order and carefully measuring the exact position needed for each sticker, very lightly press the stickers into position on the wall.


  1. Stand back and admire your work!


If you are happy with the results, firmly press the stickers onto the wall, using a dry cloth to smooth them perfectly onto the wall to ensure they are well stuck. When you have finished, carefully check each sticker in turn to ensure that the whole sticker is firmly adhered to the wall – if not, press firmly again using the dry cloth.


Reward yourself with story time with your child in their colourful new nursery.


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