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Wallpaper installation...as easy as 1...2...3...4...5...6.

Wallpaper installation...as easy as 1...2...3...4...5...6.

1. Prepare the wall well
First remove any old wallpaper. Check that there are no lumps, bumps or cracks in the wall. Carefully fill any problem areas and sand until the surface is really smooth – or get some professional help, as any blemish will be emphasized by the new wallpaper.

2. Assemble all the necessary tools
Take a few minutes to ensure that you are organized as this will make the job a far easier one. You will need:
- Wallpaper paste
- Cutter knife
- Wallpaper brush to smooth the wallpaper and get rid of creases or air bubbles
- Soft damp white cotton cloth to wipe away excess paste
- Roller
- Ruler, pencil and spirit level

3. Mark the walls for the lengths of wallpaper.
Using the ruler, pencil and spirit level, mark where each length of paper needs to be applied, this may seem unnecessarily time-consuming but it saves a great deal of grief in the long run when you find that you have not hung the wallpaper perfectly straight!

4. Hang the first length of wallpaper
Deal with only one length of wallpaper at a time and work methodically from one side of the wall to the other- left to right is best. Cut the first length of wallpaper to the right length – plus a few extra centimeters.
Prepare the adhesive according to the directions on the packet. Apply generously as any excess can be carefully wiped away with the damp cloth.
Start at the top of the wall and using the guide lines, hang the wallpaper in place and gently smooth first with the roller and then with the brush to ensure that the wallpaper is perfectly smooth with no air bubbles. When you are really happy with what you have done, use the sharp knife and ruler to trim away the excess wallpaper at the bottom.

5. Hang the other lengths of wallpaper.
Once you have the first length of paper in place and you are happy with it, you can apply the second. This is not a job to hurry and is best performed whilst listening to your favourite music!
Hang the second length of wallpaper in exactly the same way. The key to success, is to match the pattern up perfectly, so you can’t spot the join! You may need to trim the paper at the top of the length to help match the pattern. Stick the paper into place and smooth with the brush. Only when you are totally happen should you cut the excess wallpaper at the bottom.
Continue papering the rest of the wall and if you come to any tricky parts, always allow extra paper as it can always be carefully cut away afterwards.

6. Allow the wall to dry thoroughly
Once you have completed the whole wall, leave the wallpaper to dry thoroughly for 24 hours before fixing shelves, or replacing furniture in front of the wall.

Stand back and admire your work!

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